Advanced Technology

Prousi Oral & Facial Surgery

Prousi Oral & Facial Surgery utilizes the latest diagnostic and surgical technology innovations to ensure our patients receive the finest care. In recent years, advanced technology has transformed diagnosis and treatment, improving precision, efficiency, and patient outcomes.


3D Imaging

Using Cone Beam CT scans, we obtain highly detailed, three-dimensional images of the face, oral cavity, and jaw that are impossible to achieve with traditional X-rays.

This level of precision allows for more accurate treatment planning, particularly in complex procedures such as dental implant placement or orthognathic surgery.

CareStream 3D Imaging


 CT Scan Image
Cone Beam CT scanning provides high-resolution images with lower radiation exposure than traditional CT scans.

This non-invasive imaging technique allows us to visualize anatomical structures in unprecedented detail, allowing us to assess bone density, nerve pathways, and anatomical variations. This contributes to safer surgeries and more predictable outcomes.


3D Printing

3D printing has various applications that reduce fabrication times and significantly improve the precision of everything from creating dental crowns to complete anatomical models of the skull and jaw.

Using biocompatible resins, we can safely fabricate digital dentures or prosthetic teeth for dental implants that look and feel like natural teeth.

 3D Printer


3D Printed Gums
We can also create occlusal guards for TMJ clenching and surgical guides for implant placement. Bone reconstruction in the oral cavity is now possible without triggering the body’s immune response. The resins we use in 3D printing are safe, esthetic, and strong.


The SprintRay 3D printer is an exceptional 3D printing tool for oral surgery applications. Specifically designed for dentistry, this printer offers high-speed and high-resolution printing capabilities that improve our ability to personalize care, leading to quicker and more comfortable patient recovery.

Combining 3-D printed technology and CBCT (3D imaging technology) allows us to reproduce the oral cavity’s soft tissue and bone anatomy perfectly. This ensures the highest level of accuracy and precision is achieved when placing implants, plates, and screws for facial trauma or performing surgical cuts for jaw reconstructive surgery.

Drs. Prousi and McKinlay welcome your questions about their use of advanced technology and how it improves oral surgery outcomes. To schedule an oral surgery consultation appointment, please get in touch with our office at Prousi Oral & Facial Surgery, LLC office Phone Number 609-526-8650.